Clown rocker Ted Nugent drops dead at 64

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By, Willie D

At best, Ted Nugent was a lousy musician.  He was known for hunting, race baiting, womanizing and his inability to be loyal to anything but gun toting and killing helpless animals (mostly in controlled environments).  His conservative, political views like all others were divisive and ignorant.

Nugent who last year ominously declared, "If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year" got his wish.  He was found butt-naked on the floor at his spring trailer park ranch with a confederate flag wrapped around his head (his hair was smelly).  Authorities said Nugent was surrounded by a stash of guns, a muddy wheelbarrow of Skoal chewing tobacco, a copy of The Catcher in the Rye and over 1,000 copies of newspaper and magazine articles of President Barack Obama with hate messages written on top of them with crayons.  The cause of death is under investigation.  However, sources tell that Nugent was depressed and felt powerless that his Conservative-skinhead-Nazi-KKK intimidation tactics that he and others who think like him had run it's course and did not work to discourage voter turnout for the newly re-elected President.  When asked about what he thought of Nugents death, Obama once again took the high road and stated in his Florida Evan's from the 70's TV sitcom Good Times voice, "Damn, damn, damn!"  Plans are being made by the family to bury Nugent in a cotton field once owned by slave owner, Willie Lynch.

The Fastest Man On No Legs

6:26 AM CST, Fri September 30, 2011

He's "the fastest man on no legs," or -- as his sponsor's high-profile advertising campaign put it -- "the bullet in the chamber."
He is Oscar Pistorius, the "Blade Runner" who is changing the world's perception of what is acceptable on an athletics track.
Born without a fibula bone in each leg, the South African is the first double amputee to run at the world championships, and next year he will be the first to race at the Olympics.

"I think next year's going to be quite a big year, as far as demand on my performances," the 24-year-old told CNN.
"I feel that the condition I'm in and the knowledge I've gained probably will definitely help me in achieving those times in the first half of next season. So I know next year is going to be a big year."

Pistorius qualified for the 400 meters with a time of 45.07 seconds in Italy in July, which is less than two seconds slower than Michael Johnson's 1999 world record and would have given him fifth place in the final of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Saleh returns to Yemen as al-Awlaki was killed


2:03 PM CST, Fri September 30, 2011

Anwar al-Awlaki was killed exactly one week after President Ali Abdullah Saleh returned to Yemen at the end of a long period of medical treatment in Saudi Arabia. Intelligence analysts say that may have been no coincidence, and that with al-Awlaki's killing, Saleh is underlining to the West -- and the Saudis -- that they still need him.

Saleh's return was something of a surprise both to Yemenis and the international community. He had been seen as the main stumbling block to political dialogue and a transition to fresh elections sponsored by the Gulf Cooperation Council. But several analysts consulted by CNN said the Saudis were concerned that the growing unrest in Yemen could morph into outright civil war -- in a country that shares a long and porous desert border with the kingdom.

People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray: Paramedic Testifies We Could Have Saved MJ

Richard Senneff -- Firefighter/Paramedic #1 Testifies   9/30/11 at 8:45AM

One of the paramedics who rushed to save Michael Jackson's life at 100 N. Carolwood Drive just testified ... if Murray would have called 911 immediately, Michael Jackson's life might have been saved.??Richard Senneff said Murray told him he called 911 the second he realized MJ was in distress, when in fact there was an approximate 20 minute delay.??Senneff said had Murray called earlier there was a good chance EMTs could have restarted Michael's heart.??Senneff said when he arrived at the scene MJ was already dead.

* According to Senneff Murray lied when he told paramdics MJ had no underlying condition.

* When Senneff asked him what medications MJ was on, Murray lied again, saying "none." He then admitted he had given MJ a sedative, Lorazepam. At NO point did Murray ever mention the word Propofol.

* After almost 40 minutes and several unsuccessful rounds of starter drugs, the dispatcher at UCLA decides to call time of death... but Murray insists on continuing.

* Paramedics decide to take Michael to the hospital. After getting him into the ambulance, Senneff goes back to MJ's room to retrieve his equipment.... that's when he says, he saw Murray picking up "items" off the floor.

* Senneff said there was no sign of life at any point during the 47 minutes he treated MJ.

SMH: Casey Anthony’s Parents Believe The Jury Made A “Fair Decision” Despite The Baseless Defense

Wait a minute…these are the same people who did NOT believe that Casey Anthony was innocent, and now they are “okay” with the outcome of this trial???

The question of what happened to 2-year-old Caylee Anthony remains unanswered after the jury acquitted her mother, Casey Anthony, on Tuesday. And no one is more aware of that fact than Caylee’s grandparents.